Soybean Floss (Healthy)

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    Key Features

    *select premium soybean protein to complement vegetable protein

    *smaller texture, easy for baby to eat

    *individual package, healty and hygienic for baby

    *no preservative, MSG, and any food additives added


    1. Net weight: 72g / box

    2. Packaging Specificartion: 24 boxs / carton

    3. Ingredient: Non GMO textured vegetable protein, pea flour, sugar, soybean oil, soy sauce, sweet potao chips, yam sweet potato chips, salt.

    4. Storage: Avoid direct sunlight. Keep sealed in a cool, dry place. Enjoy it as soon as possible after opening. 

    5. Made in Taiwan

    Main Export Market

    Brunei Darussalam ,Canada ,Hong Kong ,Indonesia ,Japan ,Mainland China ,Philippines ,Taiwan ,Thailand ,United States

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