[Pork Floss] Pork Floss No Sugar (150g)

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Pork Floss for Diabetes


  • Type:Meat Floss

Key Features

0% sugar & 25% less sodium

Select premium Taiwan pork

Do not add sugar and use the soy sauce without sugar

The only choice for diabetes who want to eat pork floss

Individual package and open one bag every time

Open and you could enjoy the pork floss (ready to eat)

Do not contain any MSG, Preservative, and Artificial colors


Net weight: 150g (15g*10 bags)

Ingredients: Pork, Pea flour, Soy sauce (no sugar), Soybean oil

Shelf life: 1 year (unopened)

Specification: 150g / box ; 12 boxes / carton

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  • Payment Terms:TT ,PayPal
  • Minimum Order:1 Boxes
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