Fried Sailfish Floss with Seaweed

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    • Type:Meat Floss

    Key Features

    * Does not add the antiseptic and the monosodium glutamate

    * the selection fresh sailfish makes

    * food GMP authenticates the plant production

    * ferments the soy sauce to bake purely fries the feeling in the mouth to be especially superior

    * chooses the natural dried laver flavor night-watch incense strictly


    1. Weight: 150g/box

    2. Packaging Specifications: 12boxes/carton

    3. Ingredients: Sailfish, Pea flour, Soybean oil, Sugar, Soy sauce, Salt, Seaweed

    4. Made in Taiwan


    5. Method of preservation: Keep in a cool, dry place; avoid humidity, high temperatures, and sunlight. Eat quickly after opening.


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