Fried Pork Floss (Red Yeast Rice)

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    Using carefully selected ham that has been safely and hygienically processed, we use a GMP certified production whereby quality is carefully monitored every step of the way. Hsin Li Hsiang (Mother’s Kitchen) insists on attentiveness to detail, safety in methods, and a delicious flavor. None of Hsin Li Hsiang Food Co.’s products contain preservatives or artificial colors, and the company is proud to provide a high quality product for those who seek the best in every aspect of their life.

    1. Weight: 230g/box

    2. Packaging Specifications: 12boxes/carton

    3. Ingredients: Pork, Pea flour, Sugar, Soybean oil, Soy sauce, Red yeast rice, Salt

    4. Made in Taiwan

    5. Method of preservation: Keep in a cool, dry place; avoid humidity, high temperatures, and sunlight. Eat quickly after opening.

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