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Pork Fiber for Babies (Original)

convenience bag , refined taste,Not Greasy.we passed international food safety and quality certification such as GMP,ISO22000,HACCP,CAS .

Pork Fiber For Babies (Seaweed)

1.Use CAS fresh pork. 2.100% pure pork fiber, no bean powder. 3.Light and delicate taste, very suitable for babies and the aged. 4.Salt Less, taste is light. 5.No food Additivies. (Antiseptic, MSG, Infant Compound). 6.Single package for one time use. Kept product fresh. 7.New seaweed taste is unique in the market. Seaweed is a green algae, protein nutritional value than laver (red algae) 8.How old baby can eat? When baby has the ability to chew. This product is proposed to the one year old up baby or the baby who has already to eat porridge.

Fried Soybean Floss (Original)

※ does not increase the antiseptic ※ uses the soy protein, the veggie may edible ※ through HACCP and ISO22000 international authentication     Product Specifications: 12 tins/carton   Method of Preservation: Keep in a cool, dry place. Avoid humidity, high temperatures, and sunlight. Eat quickly after opening.  

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Hsin Li Hsiang Food Co., Ltd. insists on giving its customers the best products, true to its original ideals. In the future, Hsin Li Hsiang Food Co., Ltd. will continue to promote and implement a comprehensive and effective quality control management plan. Having entered into the HACCP certification process, Hsin Li Hsiang Food Co., Ltd. will continue manufacturing and marketing products that are safe and hygienic, while at the same time create new high quality products for the market.